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Providing solutions with the computer support that you need when you need it.  No recurring maintenance costs. Our specialty is evaluating your current setup and finding ways to help cut costs on what you have in place while modernizing your infrastructure. 

Let us help you simplify your IT and reduce your costs.

We will visit your place of business, evaluate your IT needs with you and give you a quote or rate sheet to see if we can provide the solutions you require, free of charge. Our current rate per is $125/hr. References available upon request.

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Distribution Centers

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Airport Support Services

Computer Networks

 Today’s technology is all about your networks. We specialize in network setup or fine tuning and upgrading what you have in place and doing it on a budget that works for you. Taking the time to hear what your wireless and security needs are and coming up with the solution to fit your requirements. From focusing on content filtering/blocking to maximize staff performance to helping you arrange for the most cost effective, fastest connections available, we do it all.  


The Details

   In spite of all your best efforts, sometimes technology just breaks down and you just need it fixed. We are available to correct whatever issue you have in a timely fashion. Either remotely   or with an on-site visit. We will help with hardware/software upgrades, hardware installations such as printers, scanner, multi-function devices and more.  Here is a rundown on our computer support services:

  • Workstation/Server Installations – We can help you acquire and setup equipment that will suit your own custom situation. 

  • Virus/spyware removal - Viruses and spyware can invade your PC and your privacy within minutes of connecting to the internet. We can clean up unwanted malware, and improve security and overall performance. 

  • Application Installations - You may have an application that has more complex installation steps, or prerequisites that you may not understand. If the task seems too daunting, we are here to help. 

  • Performance Tuning - Computers tend to slow down over time. Some of that is due to malware as mentioned above, but much of the performance issues observed in computers is just data clutter. We will condense your data, and organize it for better        efficiency and faster access. 

  • E-mail  - We are very experienced at setting up cost effective email systems for your entire enterprise. And offer the day to day support for your users to make the most of the system.  

  • Security Configuration - We can help ensure that your computers, servers, networks (wired and wireless) are safe from  intrusion and break-ins. 

Data Protection


Data Backup - To protect valuable computer data, regular backups are essential.  System failures can cause tremendous hardship, yet many business owners conduct each day without a backup for accounting data, databases, digital photos and other irreplaceable data.   

Data Recovery - We have a variety of ways to recover data that may appear to be lost or corrupt.

We do not setup or configure telephone systems or install wiring. But we are partnered with someone who does! www.excel-tel.com 

So if you are planning on adding on to your growing business, relocating your business or starting from the ground up. We can get you there.

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